About us

Agricultural Development of Paraguay

NFD Agro Ltd. Through its subsidiaries Agricultural Development of Paraguay (DAP) and Agricultural Investment Corporation of Paraguay (SIAP), it is one of the leading agricultural companies in Paraguay with more than 10 years of experience, operating in the Department of San Pedro.
It offers a unique platform to take advantage of the business opportunities in the agricultural sector due to the quality of the assets in its portfolio, high level shareholders, experienced management and sustainable business approach.

Build and develop sustainable agribusiness in Paraguay, based on high quality assets and a diversified and integrated business portfolio.

Principles and values

• The human factor: the staff is made up of shareholders, management team and top-level human talent.
• Assets of great value: the company's current portfolio is made up of high quality assets, which have allowed it to become a low-cost producer.
• Technology and innovation: the application of new technologies and innovative management techniques for its operating platform have characterized the company since its inception.
• Operational Excellence: the productive and administrative processes follow international quality standards that, through continuous effort, allow us to achieve operational efficiency and effectiveness.
• Risk and asset portfolio management: methodology to manage the risk / return relationship inherent to the operation and to manage the construction of the company's portfolio of assets.
• Sustainability: conservation of natural resources and promotion of the development of rural communities through active social participation.

Operational Structure

Combining a modular work equipment with its modern facilities, DAP has developed an excellent operative without precedents in the region.

In each module, the team consists of a Farm Manager, an Administrative Manager, an Administrative Assistant and agricultural technicians with their respective assistants.