Committed to compliance with current regulations in the country, DAP has submitted and obtained the approval of the Ministry of the Environment (SEAM) of all of its agricultural establishments.

On a permanent basis, it carries out monitoring to ensure the sustainability of its operations, taking care at all times of the use of natural resources and the conservation of biodiversity.

Source: http://www.seam.gov.py/


DAP, ratifying its commitment to the environment and society, is part of the Round Table Responsible Soy, a civil organization that promotes the responsible production, processing and marketing of soybeans globally.

Based on the philosophy of the "Round Table", actors from different areas and with different interests acquire equivalent rights and meet together for a common goal, thus ensuring dialogue and consensus-based decision-making.

This is the basis of the RTRS Responsible Soy Production Standard, applicable worldwide, which ensures the production of environmentally correct, socially adequate and economically viable soybeans.

Source: www.responsiblesoy.org