Social responsability


Commitment and responsibility with the community and sustainability are key values for the company.

DAP understands that Social Responsibility as the commitment to manage the impacts that its decisions and activities could cause in society and the environment through ethical and transparent behavior that:

  • Contribute to sustainable development,

  • Take into account the expectations of different stakeholders,

  • Comply with the applicable legal framework in the various fields of action,

  • Be integrated throughout the organization.
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The interactions with the neighboring communities are of great relevance, since thanks to these, not only the Company grows in a sustainable way but also the communities do.

The interactions in relation to the social commitment assumed by DAP are based on;
  1. Productive support, maintenance of roads to the communities.
  2. Support to local police stations that support the communities.
  3. Scholarship system for young people and children in the area as well as delivery of school kits for the development of their activities.
  4. Coordinated work in health care conferences and health talks to neighboring communities.

Scholarships to young people from the communities of San Pedro

Within the framework of the Social Responsibility Policy that the company has, there is the annual Program of scholarships for young people with limited resources and that are from the communities of the area of Influence of the Production Farms.

These scholarships are given to young people between 15 and 18 years of age to study and complete the Agricultural Technical Baccalaureate at the Agricultural Schools of the Paraguayan Foundation.

The Paraguayan Foundation is an NGO that carries out and provides all kinds of activities to the most vulnerable population in Paraguay. One of these activities carried out is the so-called Self-Sustainable Schools which is a model of education unique in the world where, without resorting to state subsidies, young people are transformed into rural entrepreneurs, dedicated exclusively to primary production. Currently there are 2 self-sustaining schools (Cerrito Agricultural School and the Belen Agricultural School) of the Foundation and in which DAP has 17 young scholarships studying in them.

For more information you can visit the following link ... Self-Sustainable School - Fundación Paraguaya