Occupational Safety and Health


DAP undertakes to facilitate actions aimed at identifying, eliminating and / or controlling the risks that could be caused by occupational injuries and illnesses to own workers, personnel of contracting companies and interested parties, damage to company assets and facilities and unwanted interruptions in production processes, through an Occupational Health and Safety Management System and its continuous improvement.


  • Promote the degree of awareness and awareness of occupational safety and health, applying training and training programs.
  • Minimize risks in occupational health and safety, through the correct provision of safety measures.
  • Encourage contractors an attitude of safety in the development of jobs and activities in line with the Occupational Health and Safety Policy and principles.
  • Establish a system of active controls and audits that allow continuous improvement in occupational health and safety matters.

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Industrial Security

Set of activities dedicated to the identification, evaluation and control of risk factors that can cause accidents at work, also make the worker work in safe conditions both environmental and personal, in order to preserve health and personal well-being.

In this section DAP performs the following activities:
  • The internal audit program was strengthened.
  • It was strengthened, order, cleanliness, cleanliness and signage at different work points.

  • Training for emergency response brigades in the field of evaluation, transport of wounded, fire fighting (Forestry and Home) as well as drills were intensified.

  • Planning and implementation of preventive maintenance of machinery.

  • Greater investment in fire fighting elements and structures (forestry and residential).

  • Cooperation agreement with volunteer firefighters.

Industrial hygiene

It is the science dedicated to the recognition, evaluation and control of environmental factors or tensions emanating and provoked in the workplace and that can cause accidents at work, occupational diseases, destroy health and well-being or create some discomfort among workers or citizens of the community.

In this section DAP performs the following activities:

  • Implementation of training and induction programs for new workers.

  • Strengthening regarding the application of safety standards for better performance of employees.
  • Greater investment in construction and maintenance of infrastructure in the different workplaces.

  • Planning and implementation of preventive maintenance of machinery.

  • Strengthening in endowment and supervision of use of EPIS (according to risks / prevention).

  • Execution of pest control programs.

Occupational Medicine

Set of medical and paramedical activities aimed at promoting and improving the health of the worker, assessing their work capacity and placing them in a workplace in accordance with their psychobiological conditions.

In this section DAP performs the following activities:

  • Hiring a labor doctor.

  • Periodic examinations at high-risk positions (cholinesterase).

  • Generation of medical records by official.

  • Expansion of laboratory and diagnostic requirements in annual checks.

  • Training programs in occupational medicine were strengthened.

  • Provision of medical equipment in jobs (first aid kit, tensiometer, etc).

  • Medical assistance.

  • Program implementation.