Certifications and Memberships

Certification of Sustainable Soy - Round Table of Sustainable Soy - RTRS

DAP has been a member of the Round Table on Responsible Soy (RTRS) since 2013, a civil organization that promotes the sustainable production, processing and commercialization of soybeans worldwide.

To obtain this international DAP certification, it goes through External Audits annually, complying with the following points:

  • Legal compliance & good business practices.

  • Responsible working conditions.

  • Responsible relationships with communities.

  • Environmental responsibility.

  • Good farming practices.

For more information about the certification visit the following link ... What is the RTRS? 

Environmental Services Certificates - Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development

“Environmental services” means the services offered by nature and directly or indirectly benefit the populations, these are valued and priced in economic terms.

To this end, Law No. 3001 of “Valuation and remuneration of environmental services” was created in 2006, which aims to promote the conservation, protection, recovery and sustainable development of biological diversity and natural resources. of the country, through the valuation and fair, timely and adequate compensation of environmental services.

DAP, thanks to the surpluses of its forest reserves, currently has Environmental Services Certificates, in addition to compliance with national legal regulations on the forested area allowed in Paraguay.

These environmental services certificates were approved and awarded by the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development in April 2018 to the 4 farms of the DAP Group.

For more information about the certification visit the following link ... What are the environmental services?

Member of the Global Roundtable on Sustainable Meat - GRSB

DAP's sustainable livestock business model includes the company's environmental policies and compliance with international social and environmental standards.

The company has been a member since the beginning of the year 2018 of the prestigious Global Sustainable Meat Board (GRSB) which is a global multi-stakeholder initiative developed to advance the continuous improvement of the sustainability of the global meat value chain of res through leadership, science and participation and collaboration of multiple stakeholders.

The GRSB visualizes a world in which all aspects of the meat value chain are environmentally sound, socially responsible and economically viable.

It is governed by 5 Fundamental principles: Natural Resources, People and the Community, Animal Health and Welfare, Food and Efficiency and Innovation.

For more information about the GRSB visit the following link ... What is Sustainable Meat?

Member of the Paraguayan Mesa de Sustentable - MPCS

The Paraguayan Mesa of Sustainable Meat (MPCS) brings together all the links in the value chain of beef, seeking to make Paraguay a global benchmark. The sectors of industry, production, inputs, consumption, as well as civil society organizations participate. It also integrates the public sector, academia and international cooperation organizations.

This Paraguayan intersectoral table brings together the sectors of industry, production, inputs, consumption, and civil society organizations. There are 23 leading members of the local beef value chain and one of the founding members is Desarrollo Agricola del Paraguay S.A. since the end of 2018 when the statute of the assumption of the Bureau has been signed.

The MPCS is governed by 6 main principles for the production of sustainable meat which in turn have several criteria.

These principles are: Natural Resources, Individuals and Community, Animal Health and Welfare, Food, Efficiency and Innovation and Economic Viability.

For more information on the Table visit the following link ... What is the Paraguayan Table of Sustainable Meat?