Sustainable Agriculture

DAP proceeded to its operations in Paraguay at the end of 2005, specifically in the San Pedro area. Since then, focused entirely on the production of soybeans and corn, it has become one of the leading companies in agricultural production in Paraguay through a sustainable business approach based on its operations that are economically, environmentally and socially sustainable.

The company focuses its agricultural production operations on a sustainable model of good agricultural practices of crop rotation with planting activities of soybeans in spring and corn in autumn (after the harvest of soybeans-double crop per year) or soybeans in spring and grass cover in autumn.



The sustained growth of the world's population leads to a growing demand for food. Faced with this new scenario, in the last five years Paraguay has gained notoriety by becoming one of the main soy producers.

Local soy production has grown steadily, with the positions of sixth producer and fourth exporter of soybeans globally.

DAP has been a pioneer in the expansion of the agricultural frontier to the north of the country as well as in the production of soybeans in the area. The development and value creation have accompanied the constant evolution in number of hectares and production obtained since its creation.






The production system adopted by DAP seeks to achieve economic and environmental sustainability of the business. For this reason, soy production is complemented by corn production. This crop serves as a cover to the soil, allowing it to conserve its nutrients and reduce its degradation.

DAP has produced corn on its farms in the department of San Pedro, since its inception. Although the primary intention was to guarantee sustainability, today the experience accumulated after several campaigns has allowed corn production to be, in addition, profitable.